Our Top Three Recommendations When Planning a Camp Trip

Camping can be a lot of work. From researching and choosing a campsite that meets all your desired qualities to setting up and getting organized. Whether you are an experienced or a novice camper we have some advice that may help improve your experience.

Start Planning ASAP! Camping is becoming a very popular experience and repeat campers know to book their campsites as soon as possible. Often the best campsites at certain campgrounds will be booked as far as a year out or whenever the reservations open. We have been planning a trip to Zion National Park in April and were prepared to book our campsites on opening day. I made the mistake of ignoring my reminder message to book our first night at Zion and when we went to make the reservation two days later they were all booked up for that day already! That’s not to say that you can’t find a great campsite that meets your needs with less time. I recommend taking advantage of any specific details listed on each campsite to find a good fit. The details usually include pictures, tent pad size, and distance from water and restrooms. We are happy to provide our customers with a list of recommended campgrounds and campsites in or near the area to consider when renting our tents. We are always on the look out for great places to camp. We also offer services to figure this part out for you.

Our Top Three Recommendations When Planning a Camp Trip

Organization is your friend. Try to prepare for your camping trip as if it is a small scale “home away from home.” Think of the basic supplies you will need for each routine throughout the day. You don’t have to pack the kitchen sink, but soap and a wash rag can be handy! We try to pack one tote box with all of these essentials in one place. Once you get to your campsite and get set-up, just go with the flow. So what if you missed packing something that could have been helpful, put it on the list for next time. We have purchased at least three can openers for camping and now try to keep it in a designated camp box. It is impossible to plan and be prepared for every circumstance you may encounter while camping and it is not worth souring the overall experience over it. We have been camping for decades and still forget things, still burn food, and still struggle with keeping our campfire going sometimes. It is all part of the experience and memories you are creating! We are happy to offer suggestions or add-ons to your experience to help reduce some of the stresses that come along with the camping experience!

Our Top Three Recommendations When Planning a Camp Trip

Meal planning-We have found that creating a meal plan for our camping outings helps to reduce waste, improves storage, and makes sure no one gets hangry. We try to balance our meals between quick and easy foods like sandwiches or hot dogs with more difficult or new recipes that require cooking on the grill or fire. Having a meal plan helps with organization and preparation, as well. Recently, we have brought along our crock-pot for easy meals we can prepare and cook while we head out for hikes and activities. We always store our food in coolers and plastic storage bins or tote bags and keep them in our vehicles at night time. This keeps bugs out of tents and raccoons or bears (depending on the area) out of the campsite.

Camping can be a lot of work, but it’s such a great activity that can be individualized to each groups interests and priorities with the proper planning. At To You Tents, LLC we are focused on helping each customer achieve their “goal” experience. We can set-up in your backyard and keep things fancy and relaxing or we can set-up at a campground where you can fish and hike. Follow along on our Facebook or Instagram pages and let us know how we can help make your camping dreams come true!

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