All add-ons options are subject to availability.

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Starter pack with 2 bundles of wood for $35

Picnic for up to 6 people (2 available)


Includes table, floor pillows, plates, cups, silverware, napkins, decor

Bistro table set


Camp chair

$5 per chair/reservation

Outdoor lights


Space heater

Comes with 2 propane bottles


Large floor pillows


per reservation

Queen airbed


Twin airbed


Event coordination


We will book your balloons, picnic, or other vendor services for you!

Floral decoration garland (pink/white rose, fern) $15 per reservation

Air Conditioning*$100/reservation
Electric Heater$10/reservation
Electric Fan$10/reservation
Furnished Twin airbed$25/each/reservation
Furnished Full or Queen airbed$35/each/reservation
Extension cord$5/reservation
Camping tent delivery/set-up/take-down$50/reservation
Camping tent delivery/pick-up$2.00/mile
Same day pick-up fee$40
Out of Mecklenburg County set-up
(unless TUTs planned event
or TUTS secures your campsite for you.)
$50+mileage TBD
Campsite securement services
(We find you options, you choose,
then we book for you). Non-refundable.
* indicates items only available for Glamping rentals
individual decor items available
to add to empty glamping tents (rugs, pillows, lights, tables, etc)